Working out with Ross for the past few years has improved my health and fitness tremendously. Ross is not only a great mentor but a great example of how a man should live his life. He is extremely fit himself and exudes confidence which relates to exceptional workouts. Workouts with Ross are always a pleasure physically and mentally as they are always changing and challenging. I would have never been able to complete my Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test without the training I received from him. It is an honour and privilege to workout with him and the way he works around my hectic schedule is nothing short of amazing. During my time working out with Ross, I have lost 22 lbs and gained muscle tone like never before. Thank you Ross!!

– Rob SB

After many years of making excuses as to why I didn’t exercise or make time for it, I finally started working out with Ross at Flexion Fitness Studio. I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better. I look forward to working out and am excited about my healthier mind and body. Ross knows how to get your body to respond to his workouts and he gives you the push you need at times. Even when you complain or don’t think you have the energy for it, Ross finds a way to get more from you. His positive attitude and love of fitness makes one want to do better. I couldn’t have found a better environment for me to workout.

– Kellie S.

I spent years competing in amateur sports and have trained with many coaches and with several personal trainers. Ross Phillips at Flexion Fitness Studio is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with. He’s prepared for every workout and designs interesting, fun and progressively challenging programs that have delivered measurable results, both in terms of strength and stamina, and lost inches! He knows the anatomy and physiology involved, shares his knowledge and takes care to teach and monitor for proper form to avoid injury. In fact, he’s also designed some new exercises I’ve never done before specifically to help me avoid aggravating a nagging old injury. Plus, his studio is clean and private, and his equipment is great. I am really excited to have found such a great trainer and I can unequivocally recommend Ross and Flexion Fitness Studio.

– Cheryl

Ross has been able to challenge all the misconceptions of what going to the gym has meant to me over the years. He has made it relatively easy for me to become interested in going to his gym and to keep coming back every session. Of course, it hasn’t come without plenty of hard work on my part as well! I would not hesitate on recommending Ross as a personal trainer as I’ve had a few trainers before, and he has outshone all of them. He has brought my esteem in the gym to a whole new level I never thought possible. My goal was I wanted results, and he helped bring those results to the surface in a very short time period. Thanks Ross.

– Wade A