About Flexion


Benefits of Our Studio

  • One on One private training
  • Top notch facility and equipment
  • Creative cardiovascular exercises
  • Varied and challenging workouts
  • Nutrition Guidance

 About Ross

Ross Phillips

Founded in 2007, Ross Phillips created Flexion Fitness Studio with a mind to provide clients with a clean, comfortable and private personal training facility. As a BCRPA certified personal/weight trainer, Ross began his career in the big box gyms but found clients were looking for a more personal approach to training. Flexion was designed to accommodate these clients who were looking for more!

Ross strongly believes in being the best you can be and loves to share his passions and knowledge with others. He does this by providing variety and motivation with every workout. His workouts are tough but designed specifically with you in mind.  He has a knack for bringing out the most from each person, making you laugh while making sure you are working hard.  You’ll have fun while losing weight, getting in shape, and challenging your body like you never have before.  Ross will push you out of your comfort zone so that your body responds and gives you real results.